The Canadian Islamic Center Al-Jamieh expands and progresses day by day for the brighter tomorrow. We aim to make Islam a prominent and solid place to better meet the needs and expectations of the Muslim community in this country. We want to provide support to families in our community by offering a variety of services to our brothers and sisters, such as:

1. Holding daily prayers, Friday prayers and prayers of 2 Aids, Eid-el-Fitr and Eid-el-Adha, in the main hall of the mosque which accommodates up to 1000 worshipers.

2. Presenting short courses on the Quran recitation, rituals, fiqh and sunnah after Maghrib prayer every Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday of each week.

3. Providing lessons of the Quran and Arabic language to Muslim children on the weekend school. Our school receives approximately 300 children from age of 5 to 15. Classes take place Saturday or Sunday of each week.

4. The Institute of Islamic and Arabic studies offers lessons on Quran, Hadith, prayers, stories of the prophets and Arabic language for the youth from age of 16 to 30 years old. Free courses are given for the children from age 5 to 12.

5. Providing various social activities that help to protect Muslim families from alienation and loss of Islamic identity.

We always try to provide to the new immigrants and those already established a shield to preserve the Islamic identity among the new generation.